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Facebook Marketplace rules

Facebook Marketplace rules – Aside from displaying and selling only appropriate things, another important rule to follow while selling on Facebook Marketplace is to send products promptly. 
If you sell something on Facebook Marketplace, you must ship it within three days of the sale. Within ten days of the sale, delivery must take place. 
There are no rules about negotiating with buyers, but you’ll almost certainly find yourself in one. 
Handshake is the best way to sell on Facebook Marketplace. 
How do you bargain with buyers? 
Attempting to negotiate the price is common among buyers, but it’s best to avoid doing so via Messenger. Instead of lowering their offer, buyers will often wait for the next seller. 
It’s up to you whether or not to negotiate on the minimum price you’ve set for items you’re shipping. A straight exchange for cash or a check is best for in-person transactions. 
What is the cost of selling on Facebook Marketplace? 
Individuals can sell for free on Facebook Marketplace, and there is no cost to join Facebook or Facebook Marketplace. 
As a merchant on Facebook Marketplace, you will be charged a 5% fee on all transactions, with a minimum charge of $0.40. 
Remember that you can only sell items with a price range of $5 to $500. So, even if the 5% charge is $.25, if you sell an item for $5, you pay $.40 on the transaction. Facebook Marketplace rules
Is it possible for me to place an ad on Facebook Marketplace? 
Using the Ads Manager tool, you may build a sponsored advertisement for Facebook Marketplace. Create the ad, establish a daily budget, then decide where to post it. 
If you select automatic placement (which Facebook advises), it will appear on Marketplace, Facebook and its News Feed, Instagram, Messenger, and the Audience Network. 
Advertisements include Sponsored labels that are used so that customers are aware that they are advertisements. 
Comparing Facebook Marketplace to other e-commerce platforms 
Let’s see how Facebook Marketplace stacks up against the three most popular e-commerce platforms. 
Facebook vs. Craigslist 
Craigslist is comparable to Facebook Marketplace, however, it allows for more privacy. You obtain very little background information on potential purchasers, which might be dangerous. 
To sell on Craigslist, you don’t need an account (but there are perks if you do have one). 
Facebook vs. Amazon 
It’s easier to sell big amounts of things on Amazon than it is on Facebook, but if you’re a professional seller who sells more than 40 units each month, you’ll have to pay a monthly charge. Facebook Marketplace rules
If you don’t exceed the sales requirement, you can register as an individual seller for free; Amazon will take a $0.99 cut of each sale. 
Facebook vs. eBay 
eBay uses an auctioning system, but the Buy it Now function allows you to select a final price. eBay is a prominent online marketplace for selling jewelry, collectibles, books, and apparel. 
Sellers on eBay are given 200 free listings per month. Following that, each listing will cost $0.35. A final value fee of 2 percent to 12 percent of the product’s price is charged by eBay. 
While Facebook is less expensive for sellers, it lacks eBay’s global reach (yet). 
How to Take Care of Your Facebook Marketplace Ads 
As a Facebook Marketplace seller, the best thing you can do is optimize all of your listing’s aspects to make it stand out. Facebook Marketplace rules
Photograph your stuff with a professional camera. Craft product descriptions with care. Then, using PickFu’s polling platform, split test the photos and descriptions on a target group of prospective purchasers. 
“Which product photo would make you want to click?”, for example. or “Which description of the product makes you want to buy it?” Respondents will provide you with fair votes and detailed reasons. 
A vendor evaluated three main graphics for a wildflower seed packet in the PickFu poll below. People like to see the genuine product in the photo, according to the findings. 
Screenshot of a PickFu poll about how to sell on Facebook Marketplace 
Some of the responses were as follows: 
“I favor Option A because the product can be seen and healthy flowers can be seen in the advertisement. Option C’s blooms appear to be dead, while Option B’s product is unclear.” 
“I prefer [Option A] because I enjoy looking at the bag and the colors in the bottom of the bag. I like [Option C] as well, but the colors don’t appeal to me as much. [Option B] perplexes me. Is it a conundrum? Is it a poster, or something else? I’m not sure.” 
“I chose A as my first choice because it is labeled ‘Made in the USA’ and has a more vibrant, eye-catching flower mix.” 
PickFu’s split testing reveals the flaws in your product photos and descriptions. You may even ask the PickFu panel for input on screenshots of your competitors’ Facebook Marketplace listings. This form of competitive study can either validate or show you where you need to improve your listing. 
You’ll optimize your listings and, as a result, sell more products on Facebook Marketplace using data from your PickFu polls. Facebook Marketplace rules

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