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Furniture on Facebook Marketplace – I’ve found a new favorite hangout spot this year. It isn’t a neighborhood coffee shop, nor is it the new Home Sense across the street from my full-time job, nor is it a thrift store. 
It resembles a thrift store. It’s a virtual garage sale, as I like to call it… 
Facebook Marketplace is the name of the app. 
Our house isn’t even close to being fully furnished, so I’ve turned to Facebook Marketplace to discover excellent used and new furniture for our home. 
Tips on where to get furniture for your house
I don’t mean to sound pretentious when I say quality, but I believe it’s vital to know that if you’re patient enough, you can find some fantastic, high-end objects to equip your house via MP. Because you’re on a budget, you don’t have to settle for Ikea (nothing wrong with Ikea, but more on that later). 
“Ugh,” I frequently hear. You’re quite fortunate to have discovered it! I never find anything decent on Marketplace,” and then dig a bit deeper to see that they aren’t utilizing MP to its full potential. 
So that was the impetus for today’s piece. I felt compelled to spread the word on how to buy MP because I genuinely believe it can be a treasure trove…if used correctly. 
Here are some of my greatest ideas for navigating the world’s largest and best virtual garage sale. 
Patience and perseverance are the first two things that come to mind. 
This is difficult for me because, well, I don’t have patience. 
But I’m not giving up. 
(See this post for more proof that persistence paid off with my nightstands.) 
While I say persistent, I don’t mean being a pain in the neck when asking someone whether you may buy their stuff. I’m referring to being persistent in your search. However, I suppose you could send two messages to let someone know you’re *very* serious about purchasing their goods. But they won’t respond to more than two at a time… It’s similar to dating. 
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My best recommendation is to refresh the marketplace every 2 to 3 hours. 
It appears to take a long time, but all I have to do is push refresh and see what comes up. It’s similar to reloading Instagram. 
I’ve observed that the Facebook algorithm remembers the objects I search for multiple times, so if I search for a green velvet chair and hit refresh, I’ll see results for green velvet chairs (as long as people describe it properly and don’t just post it with the word “chair,” which makes it practically impossible to discover). 
When I hit refresh, a hot item at an unbelievable price appears, and I’m lucky enough to get it. Like this Milo Baughman burl table I found the other night in Greenwich, CT: 
Bonus tip: On Saturdays and Sundays, people are usually rummaging through their belongings, and I notice that new goods appear every several minutes when I reload frequently on the weekends. 
02. Make a deal 
I always ask if they can do better on the pricing unless it’s a hot item that’s priced lower than it should be (in a very polite way). This doesn’t apply to low-ball merchants, but if I do my homework and discover that a similar item is available for a lower price, I respectfully ask if they can lower the price. Furniture on Facebook Marketplace
Instead, if I see something I want that is already reasonably priced, I’ll offer the vendor a bit more than they’re asking so they know I’m serious. If I have time, I’ll additionally let them know I’m available to pick up right away and pay cash. 
Always remember to be friendly and approachable. 
03. Look to see if the vendor has any other products for sale. 
If you’re interested in an item, click on the seller’s name in the item post to get a list of additional products they’re selling. 
I usually scan around to see if they have anything else I’m interested in, and I’ve gotten them to let me pick up two or more products at once a few times. Even if I’m not interested in a high-end item, I might click on their name to see what else they have for sale that could be. Furniture on Facebook Marketplace
04. search for both a large and a small radius 
I’m still trying to figure out the marketplace algorithm, because sometimes I’ll search for “antique velvet chairs” within a 60-mile radius and get few results, but then I’ll refine the search to within 20 miles and get a lot more. I’m not sure why that is, but I just wanted to mention that you should look everywhere (at least as far as you’re willing to drive). 
If I’m looking for a larger item, such as a chair, I think about how far I’d be willing to travel (typically about 60 miles). If it’s a minor item, such as a lamp, I wouldn’t go further than 25 kilometers. 
When I’m traveling to pick up something that’s 30 minutes away, I also look around for other products in the area to see if there’s anything else I should get while I’m there. This is difficult since schedules must coincide when you pick up the initial thing for which you drove there. Furniture on Facebook Marketplace
I traveled an hour to Greenwich, CT the other night, and for the two days leading up to the trip, I was checking Greenwich for anything else worth picking up when I was there picking up the Milo table. 
I discovered something, but the person I was looking for wasn’t available during the time I was going to be there. It was worth a shot! 
05. Keywords are essential 
Because most people don’t know how to properly explain what they’re offering, you’ll have to be inventive with your search keywords. Consider all the different ways you may describe what you’re looking for, and then utilize those terms to search every 2-3 hours. 
Countless times, I’ve looked for “burl chest” and only found 5-10 products, but then I’ll search for “antique wood chest” and find 30+ burl pieces. Furniture on Facebook Marketplace
I keep a running list of keywords for products I’m looking for and refer to it every few hours to conduct a quick search. Although the list is extensive, here are a few examples: 
Mahogany chest, antique 
Velvet chairs in the modern style 
Chairs made of linen 
Lamps made of brass 
Oil painting from the past 
Roll arm in English (insert chair or sofa) 
Area rugs made of natural materials 
Chandelier in brass 
I occasionally utilize synonyms for certain keywords, such as brand names, colors, textures, and styles (i.e. modern green dining chairs, CB2 chairs, or velvet chairs). Using additional terms and broadening your search involves more sorting, but there could be a diamond in the rough. This has happened to me several times! Furniture on Facebook Marketplace.
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