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Furniture on Facebook Marketplace – I’m a total furniture junkie. Some may refer to me as a hoarder of furniture (a.k.a. my husband). I’ve always had a high-end sense of style and was continually disappointed when the products I wanted were out of my price range.

Using Facebook Marketplace, I’ve been able to get $20,000 worth of things for only $2,000 in the last two years.

Antique treasures offer character and originality to your home while also adding a layer of curiosity. We all want our homes to be filled with unique items that no one else has.

How I Began Selling on Facebook Marketplace

Being an Airbnb host has always been a dream of mine, and at the start of 2020, that distant ambition became a reality. This is where my enthusiasm for Facebook Marketplace grew. I needed affordable furnishings that would look amazing in our boutique-style Airbnb in Oxford, MS, our small town alma mater, so I started looking for treasures left and right that were high-end for the home.

Then we started putting the final touches on our own new house, and I knew I wanted some antiques to create a one-of-a-kind Gentlemen’s Lounge for my husband’s workplace. I was immediately captivated after seeing how cheaply I could get high-quality things on Facebook Marketplace. The first thing I found for his workplace was an $80.00 cherrywood console. From there, I discovered an antique chest, a portrait of an elderly English gentleman, and a pair of Hollywood regency chandeliers that I had restored.

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Follow my 8 advice to learn how to use Facebook Marketplace to find incredible deals.

Do your homework
The more you search, the more you’ll discover.

I enjoy looking at photographs from my favorite interior designers to “research” home trends. Looking at Clary Bosbyshell and Ariel Okin, for example, I realized bamboo furniture was starting to become a style. I immediately began looking for bamboo furniture and came upon a set of Henry Link nightstands for $20, which I recently had restored by my woodworker Nathan.

My Henry Link Chests were missing pieces of wood and one of them was missing a drawer. I’m going to have them lacquered and add some nice hardware after that.
Keeping an eye on the latest trends will help you find ideas for what you’re looking for. Pro tip: To help you remain on track during your search, have 1 to 5 things in mind that you are interested in based on your inspiration photos.

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Don’t Be Afraid of a Difficult Situation

Even if every item you come across isn’t in perfect shape, you can train your eye to discern what has hidden potential. I like to negotiate the price based on the condition of the item; it’s a terrific negotiation tactic! “Well, you understand that I will have to pay to get this restored…could you come down to X on the price?” I’ll message them. ”. When I tell this to merchants, they almost always agree to lower their prices.

My husband bought this chest for me as a gift for our anniversary after I urged him to. We had Nathan fix it, and it’s now one of our most treasured possessions.
The total cost of the item and restoration will almost always be less than the cost of purchasing a similar item at full retail.

Use generic terms in your search.

I found this mirror while searching for an “ornate mirror.” It’s a Chippendale mirror in the shape of a pagoda.
Searching with broad terms will aid you much in your search for the ideal article. Instead of utilizing the terms you’ve come up with, consider how the vendor may describe the item.

Sellers frequently have no idea what they’re selling. Joe from small-town Georgia may not recognize that one of the chairs he inherited from Grandma and is eager to get rid of is Milo Baughman. He simply considers them to be some “vintage upholstered chairs,” and will refer to them as such in his listing.

Here are a few of the ambiguous expressions I frequently use:

open armchairs, upholstered chairs, ornate mirror, mid-century modern, ornate frame, silver, portrait painting, Chippendale furniture, rattan furniture, antique wood furniture, lucite, lucite & brass, french furniture, french chest, Hollywood regency, wooden chest, marble top furniture, open armchairs, upholstered chairs, ornate mirror, mid-century modern, ornate frame, silver, portrait painting, Chippendale furniture, rattan furniture

If you know what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it.
In contrast to my previous statement, I’ve found that employing specific search phrases can occasionally help me find exactly what I’m looking for. If you’re looking for anything specific, keeping your search phrases separate may assist.

Surprisingly, I’ve discovered that when I use a specific name of a producer of a piece I’m looking for, my Facebook algorithm begins to work for me to find that item.

Here are some of the names of the producers I’ve used:

Frontgate, Restoration Hardware, Henry Link, Milo Baughman

Save Your Favorite Products
Even if you don’t intend to buy a product, saving it appears to aid the Facebook Marketplace algorithm. I’ve discovered that if I start saving products that are similar to what I’m looking for, Facebook will begin to show me more of the same. It’s astonishing how many options there are for a given item, and by storing comparable goods, you might just obtain the best of the bunch.

Maintain Consistency
When buying on Facebook Marketplace, consistency is crucial. You should browse the Marketplace in the same way you would an antique or outlet store regularly.

If I’m looking for something specific, I go to the marketplace every day — often numerous times!

I’ve also noticed that more products are posted on weekends when people have more time to sift through their belongings, so refreshing your feed numerous times during the day isn’t a bad idea (if you have the time). You never know when the ideal item will come along.

Take a look outside your neighborhood.
You’ll be astonished at how many more goods you can locate 1-2 hours away if you’re willing and your schedule permits it. The majority of the artifacts I’ve found have been within an hour’s drive of my home.

Expand the radius of the location you’re interested in in your Marketplace profile to see these products. You never know, the ideal piece could be just 60 miles away.

Great Profiles to Follow
Certain people have a plethora of products. My Chippendale mirror was obtained from a woman who has an entire storage unit full of items that she is slowly selling (and I am eagerly awaiting). If you liked their taste before, there’s a good chance you’ll like it again.

To follow someone, go to their marketplace profile by clicking on their name in the marketplace. Click “Follow Jane Doe” at the bottom of the page. That’s all there is to it! You’ll be one of the first to see new listings as soon as they’re posted.

Facebook Marketplace brings us a whole new world of possibilities for saving money and finding one-of-a-kind items to finish any room. It takes effort and patience, but it eventually pays off. I hope you find these suggestions useful in your future searches. Good luck with your search!

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