How to sell cars on Facebook Marketplace for auto dealers

How to sell cars on Facebook Marketplace  – Every day, millions of people use Facebook Marketplace to look for cars. As a result, Marketplace is a logical fit for auto dealers wishing to advertise their inventory on Facebook. Dealerships may now list their inventory on Facebook Marketplace and access a larger audience of automobile buyers than ever before.
Our clients have received a continuous stream of inquiries for used car inventory through Facebook Marketplace since our early tests, so it’s a solid channel to prioritize.
Because Facebook Marketplace is still relatively new for auto stores, we’ve received a lot of queries from dealerships about how to best integrate Marketplace into their Facebook ads. We hope to provide an overview of Facebook Marketplace for car dealers in this blog, as well as some tips on how to use Marketplace to reach buyers at every stage of the purchase process.
When Facebook Marketplace first launched in 2016 as a local shopping network, it swiftly outperformed competitors such as eBay, Motors, and Gumtree. In 2018, Facebook launched Marketplace advertisements, providing companies the opportunity to contact people who are actively looking for their products and services.
When Facebook discovered that a large number of Marketplace customers were looking for used automobiles, they decided to add a number of additional capabilities to their Marketplace offering for auto dealers. To allow vehicle dealerships to offer their used car inventories on Marketplace, Facebook worked with listing partners such as in the United States and in the United Kingdom.
At the time of this article’s publication, this feature was only available in a few regions, but there are plans to expand it to a larger worldwide audience.
Because Facebook Marketplace is a new service, expect a lot of exciting updates.

Why use Facebook Marketplace for Auto Retailers

  • Boost the visibility of your brand
  • Make contact with buyers who are currently in the market.
  • Allow customers to look at your products and ask questions without having to leave the site. Facebook is a social media platform that allows
  • Quickly respond to inquiries using Facebook Messenger or a brief instant form.
  • Display information about the vehicles, such as the price, model, and mileage.
  • With phone-friendly listings, you can target your audience.
  • Provide a simple and convenient way to search your inventory – Buyers may currently filter results on Facebook Marketplace by Vehicle Type, Price, Year, Make and Model, Body Style, Mileage, and Transmission, making it quick and easy for them to select the ideal vehicle.
  • Reach out to buyers who are serious about buying – the Dealership The only filter on Marketplace lets you cut through the noise and contact consumers who are looking to buy a car from a dealership.

How to list your used vehicle inventory on Facebook Marketplace

Here’s how to get started promoting your used automobile inventory on Facebook Marketplace.

  • To begin using Facebook Marketplace for auto dealers, you must first have a Facebook business profile that is operational.
  • You can upload your inventory manually for free. You’ll need to sign up with a Facebook Marketplace Listing Partner like Driftrock if you want to automatically sync your inventory with Marketplace.
  • In order to list your inventory on Marketplace, the Inventory partner will require access to your Facebook page.
  • You must link a live chat provider to Messenger if you use one. Your Marketplace inventory partner, on the other hand, will set up immediate forms so you can hear from your customers.
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