Why Facebook Marketplace Is Not Available – How To Start Buying and Selling on FB Marketplace

Why Facebook Marketplace Is Not Available – How To Start Buying and Selling on FB Marketplace: – You may be unable to access the Facebook Marketplace for a variety of reasons. However, deleting the browser cache on your PC will quickly resolve the issue.

The Facebook marketplace is a simple and convenient way to browse, explore, buy, and sell things. Furthermore, there are certain flaws but don’t worry, we’ll be able to resolve them over time. But believe me when I say that you may expand your business with a large number of relevant audiences.

Why Facebook Marketplace Is Not Available - How To Start Buying and Selling on FB Marketplace

Why Facebook Marketplace is not Available to You

According to Facebook, they are gradually opening up access to the marketplace as they continue to build and improve it. This implies that it isn’t available in every country. Use the Hola plugin on your Google Chrome browser as a bonus tip. All you can do now is wait for your country or region to be granted access. Keep the following in mind as well:

Your Facebook account must be old enough

If you’ve just set up a new Facebook account. Then you won’t be able to use the marketplace. Because it’s not just about you; it’s about keeping the Marketplace community safe from scammers and other threats.

You can, however, sell and buy groups with the new account. You’ll have to wait a few weeks to have access to further features. Aside from that, there isn’t a way.

You must be in the right location and region

The marketplace is not yet available in some countries and areas. If you’ve recently gone from one location to another where the marketplace is unavailable, there’s also a chance. You cannot use it, even if you return to the location where it is working after a few days.

The reason behind this is because Facebook may still believe you’re somewhere else and refuse to let you access the Marketplace. To remedy this, try clearing your Facebook cache, logging out, then logging back in, and restarting your device. This is a little embarrassing, but all we can do for now is wait.

To access Marketplace you must be 18 years old

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been on Facebook for four years but are still under the age of 18. You won’t be able to access Marketplace until you’ve reached the age of eighteen.

You are not using Facebook in one of these languages

According to Facebook, the marketplace is supported in fewer languages. If you’re in a location where others can get to the market but you can’t. Then try changing your language preferences. The Marketplace is offered in the following languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Czech, Dutch, French, and French Canadians. In addition to English, Finnish, Hebrew, German, Hindi, Italian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Malay, Portuguese, and Brazilian Portuguese are available. Spanish, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish, and Thai are also available.

Change your language to one of the above-mentioned options, depending on your current location. After that, restart your device to gain access to Marketplace.

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Your Facebook app is not up to date

It’s not uncommon for users to forget to update their Facebook apps. This may cause issues, such as the app refusing to let you access the Marketplace, and so on. In such a case, go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and download the most recent version of Facebook.

After that, wipe your phone’s cache and restart it. It’s possible that this will solve the issue. However, there is a smartphone that does not allow you to access Facebook Marketplace. For example, Apple iPhones older than iPhone 5 and Android phones running Android Lollipop have outdated operating systems.

Your access to Facebook Marketplace was Removed

You must follow Facebook Marketplace’s community policies while using the service. If you violate these community regulations, Facebook will deactivate your Marketplace account. Then you won’t be able to get back into it.

Furthermore, if you truly believe you made a mistake and did not violate Marketplace community guidelines, there is one thing you can do. Then follow these instructions to reclaim Marketplace access.

  • Open your Facebook account and then select Marketplace from the drop-down menu.
  • Now select Request Review from the drop-down menu and complete the form.
  • The Facebook team will analyze your appeal and react within a week.
  • Keep an eye on your Support mailbox on a daily basis.

When everything is back to normal and you have access to Facebook and the marketplace, To go into the Marketplace, you’ll need to refresh Facebook and update your app.

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