Best Selling Items on Facebook Marketplace | Categories to increase your online sales

Best Selling Items on Facebook Marketplace | Categories to increase your online sales – If you are looking for the top selling items promoted on Facebook and Best selling items on Facebook marketplace, you found it.
Facebook marketplace has been surpassing other online marketplaces like Craigslist. As a seller, it’s time you start to use if you haven’t. If you are looking for the best items to sell on Marketplace, read on.

Basics of Selling On Facebook Marketplace

The first thing you need to consider is the kind of people who are buying on Facebook marketplace. Hint: Trump is probably not one of them
People looking on marketplace are looking for deals. They are also not shopping for every one of their household needs, like toiletries and groceries.
Get it right that buying through marketplace takes more effort than buying at a store. you have to follow up closely by messaging someone back and forth, make sure they aren’t rapists or stalkers, plan a time and place to meet, and usually have exact cash ready.
For that reason, if you are selling something for the exact same price as the Walmart a mile down the road–guess who is going to get that sale? It ain’t you

Tips for Selling Online

According to Deb Liu, founder of Facebook Marketplace, When creating listings, take plenty of pictures and include keywords that will help your items be easily found in searches. For instance, rather than describing an item as a table, be more descriptive and add the type of wood or use a more specific term such as coffee table.
“Unless your items serve a similar purpose, sell them separately,” Liu recommends. “Buyers aren’t likely to buy a couch and a basketball with the same purchase.” It’s best to only bundle items that are likely to sell in a group such as a set of clothing or related toys.
When items sell, consider completing the transaction in a public place such as a police station, church or gas station, says seller Maria Chichester from Lowell, Michigan. Chichester has been selling on Craigslist for 10 years, but says Facebook Marketplace has become a new favorite spot recently.

Great Products to Sell on FB Marketplace

Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are designed for local sales while eBay items are often shipped to buyers.
While some items, such as designer clothes, may garner more on niche sites such as online consignment stores, the following seem to move well on Facebook Marketplace:

  • Pet supplies: Character toys Paw Patrol, PJ masks, Blippi, etc… a lot of parents are looking out for these things.
  • Baby items:  High-ticket toys- Things like doll houses and bicycles have a great market here.
  • Outdoor recreation items.
  • Video games
  • Furniture: Newly painted or refurbished furniture, Many people do this as a business! Old or worn furniture: Yep, you read that right. Old furniture–even ugly furniture that needs repairs–sells really well on marketplace if it’s listed for a fair price. You won’t make $90 on a bookshelf you’ve had for 20 years, but you might be able to get $20
  • Jewelry
  • Collectibles
  • Custom-built things– This usually applies to people who already have a business making or buying things. But utilizing Facebook marketplace is super smart!
  • Vehicles
  • Laptops
  • Televisions
  • Home goods
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