Facebook Messenger – Tips on How To Set Up FB Messenger Properly For Business

Facebook Messenger commonly known as Messenger is a messaging app and a platform developed by Facebook.
To connect with individuals privately, you may use Messenger. You can customize your experiences to suit their needs and achieve your business goals, whether your customers want to learn about a new product or fix a problem.

Want to Reach Your Customers? Strike up a Conversation

Messenger has become one of the world’s most popular messaging tools by offering a platform that brings people and businesses closer together. Currently, there are approximately 300,000 developers building on the Messenger Platform, and people and businesses are exchanging over 20 billion messages on Messenger each month.
Facebook has introduced new ways to make it easier for brands to connect with people and get business done on Messenger.
It becomes easier for businesses to connect with potential customers by adding lead generation templates directly into Ads Manager. Businesses can create an ad that drives people to an automated question and answer flow in Messenger.
Messaging is now a common method of communicating to an organization when it comes to customer service. Some 64 percent of individuals across age groups say they would rather send a company a message than call or e-mail.
But messaging apps aren’t just instruments of support. Facebook Messenger marketing has been used by several organizations to drive outcomes during the customer experience, from creating awareness to generating sales.
In this post, you’ll discover how to use Facebook messenger properly for your business.
Business Inbox in Messenger
Business Inbox is a mobile tool to help you manage your business communication directly from your Messenger app. Build stronger trust and relationships with your audience by replying quickly to their questions and concerns.
Features of the Business Inbox include:

  • Switch accounts: Easily switch between your profile and business Pages in Messenger by using a long-press on your profile picture or from your Me tab and selecting Switch account.
  • Notifications: Get notifications from people as soon as they message your business on your phone.

How to set up Facebook Messenger for business

Every Facebook page includes access to Messenger.
1. Make sure Messenger is enabled
Facebook Messenger should already be enabled when you create a business page. But here’s how to double-check:
Go to your page’s General Settings.
Next to Messages, make sure “People can contact my Page privately” is checked on.
Facebook Messenger - Tips on How To Set Up FB Messenger Properly For Business
2. Create a Facebook Messenger username and link
Your Facebook Messenger link is basically m.me/ in front of your page’s username. To find it, go to the Messaging tab under General Settings. Add this link to your social bios, website, email, or anywhere else you’d like.
3. Add a Send Message button to your Page
Next you’ll want to add button to your page with a “Send Message” call to action.
How to add a Send Message button to your Facebook Page:

  • Click + Add a Button under your page’s cover photo. If your page already has a button, you can click Edit button to make changes.
  • Select Contact You then hit Next.
  • Under Step 2, select Messenger, then click Finish.

Facebook Messenger - Tips on How To Set Up FB Messenger Properly For Business
4. Write a greeting
A Facebook Messenger greeting is a customizable message someone receives when they open a message thread. It appears before they send their first message.
How to write a greeting on Facebook Messenger:

  • Go to your page’s General Settings and select Messaging.
  • Scroll down and turn Show a Messenger Greeting on.
  • To edit the greeting, click Change.
  • Select Add Personalization. This way your greeting includes elements such as your customer’s name, your Facebook page link, your website, or your business phone number.
  • When you are done, click Save.

5. Set up Instant Reply
You can use Instant Reply to create an automatic first response for new messages. This message can be used to share the timeframe someone can expect a response in. Or, you can simply thank someone for getting in touch.
How to set up Instant Reply on Facebook Messenger:

  • Go to your page’s General Settings and select Messaging.
  • Scroll down and select Set up automated responses.
  • Click on Instant Reply.
  • Press edit to customize your message.
  • Make sure Messenger is checked off under Platform. You can also select Instagram to use an Instant Reply there, too.

Note: Instant Replies are not factored into your page’s response time.
6. Create responses for frequently asked questions
These responses can be created to help you answer common questions easily.
How to create responses for frequently asked questions on Facebook Messenger:

  • Select Inbox at the top of your page.
  • In the left menu sidebar, select Automated responses.
  • Click Frequently asked questions.
  • Select Edit.
  • Add a question and then fill out your response.
  • Optional: Select Add Image to include your logo or image of your choice. You can also add a call-to-action button such as “Learn More” or “Shop Now.”
  • Select Add Personalization to add details such as your customer’s name, the admin’s name, a link to your Facebook page or website, or your phone number.
  • Save your reply.
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