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Obviously, GIFs have become an extremely popular way for people to express themselves, in addition to emojis.
some months back was the 33rd anniversary of the GIF where it was announced that GIFs in comments were available to all on Facebook – to comment with a GIF you just tap the GIF button when you go to make a comment, type in what you’re looking to say, and add the GIF that really nails it! Of course, everyone went a little crazy and newsfeeds were flooded with GIF, but it’s now settled down. With the progression from messenger, to comments on the main platform, it makes total sense that their next step would be to enable GIF creation within the Facebook platform. Facebook’s No. 1 goal is, of course, to keep you on the platform for as long as possible! There will be no escaping bwaahahaha
GIFs are all the rage at the moment so it’s really no surprise that Facebook is getting more involved. Just last month we were treated to the ability to add GIFs to comments and now the social networking giant is going one step further with a feature that will let you create your own GIFs – and it’s super easy. However, there’s a catch…

How do I create my own GIFs?

Using the Facebook camera feature on your smartphone, you will soon be able to create your own GIFs if you can’t already.
This feature allows you to record something using your camera like you would a video, except it’s limited to a few seconds.
According to The Next Web, who uncovered the feature, all the usual effects and frames you expect to see on the Facebook camera app are all there to use. You then have a choice of posting your GIF to your Facebook profile or your Facebook story – or just save it to use how you like.

Creating a GIF

You create a GIF by clicking on the Camera icon (top left corner when you are looking at the Facebook newsfeed) or by swiping to the right. From here you will get the option at the top of ‘NORMAL’ (create a photo or video) or ‘GIF’. As with photos and videos, you will have all the filter features available to use on your GIF – so you can type words or overlay with the various filter effects.
The feature does have limitations in the sense that it is only for use within the Facebook platform – you can share to your Facebook Story (public for only 24 hours), post directly to your Facebook profile or send directly to a friend, or group of friends. You can download the GIF, but it will be in video format, not as a GIF.
So what do you think of the Facebook GIFs creator? Do you have it? Will you use it?

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