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Facebook Avatar Review on iPad

Here is a Facebook Avatar Review on iPad. Explaining the looks and display of the Facebook Platform on iPad. The Facebook iPad app has been an extended time coming.
But it’s landed with a bang roughly every week after Apple’s iPhone 4S launch event. Since the launch of the primary iPad in 2010, there hasn’t been an officer Facebook app for Apple’s tablet.
Users have had the selection between using the online version or choosing one amongst the various third-party apps. That tap into the popular social network, like Friend.ly or MyPad+.

Facebook Avatar Review on iPad

We got a glimpse of what was to come back when the app was leaked in July. The code for the iPad edition hidden inside the iPhone version. But the cat is now officially out of the bag, so read on for a primary examination the most features.
Needless to say, there is a single Universal app for both devices, with the iPhone version having had various updates too. It may sound like stating the plain.
But this can be clearly designed for the iPad from the bottom up. It does quite just cash in of the massive screen and gesture recognition: Other iPad features including the cameras and site services are thoughtfully integrated moreover.

Using Facebook on an iPad


It works happily in portrait and landscape orientations. Down the left-hand side is that the main navigation bar. Which you’ll be able to show or hide at the touch of a button.
Or with a fast swipe to the side, a small amount like moving columns around in Twitter’s iPad app. It is straightforward to press buttons to require you to the varied parts of the app.
At the highest could be a search bar, to assist you discover friends, events, and more quickly.
The main content appears on the correct, while along the highest bar you have quick links to friend requests, messages, and notifications, a bit like on the website.

News Feed

The main event – the news feed – looks very like it does on the net version. The familiar buttons to share photos, your status, and to test in are across the highest. And your friends’ updates below.
You have the standard ability to treat or Like anything there. Tapping through to read others’ comments brings up a further column on the right-hand side.

Posts on Feeds

Sitting proudly at the highest of the sidebar is your name, which takes you to your profile page.
Tapping through gives you a bar down the left-hand side. Where you’ll get to your wall, information, photos, and friends list. While your own posts and activity appear on the right-hand side.
Your list of friends appears with big thumbnail images of their profile pictures with names below. Like in many iOS apps, there’s an A-Z scroll bar down the right-hand side you’ll tap on to leap to a specific part of the list.

Messaging Friends

Taking advantage of the iPad’s screen, if you tap through to Messages from the left-hand bar. Conversations appear as a two-column view, with the sender’s name on the left. And sent and received messages in chronological order on the proper.
Alternatively, tapping the Messages button within the top bar brings down a pop-up menu. From the highest that provides you quick access to Messages. Without the necessity to go away whatever page you’re viewing.’
In landscape orientation, a fast swipe from right to left brings up the Chat bar next to your News Feed. Where friends who are online appear.
The Share button at the highest enables you to register or out. Tap the name of a web friend to point out a talk window. Which appears like the iOS Messages interface, but wiped-out Facebook’s style and hues.


When chatting, a QWERTY keyboard comes up underneath your News Feed. So, you will be able to chat and carry on with friends’ news and updates at the identical time.


As well as enabling you to upload existing photos and videos on your iPad to Facebook. You will shoot new ones together with your iPad’s camera and share these with your friends.
Browsing photos sounds like you’re using the iPad’s own Photos app. With each album appearing as a stack of images you’ll tap through to.
To point out of the snaps, you will enlarge them to Fullscreen size and swipe through them, Or use the slider on the thumbnail bar at the underside to browse.


Like on the iPhone, you’ll be able to register using Facebook Places. Remember that the Wi-Fi-only iPad doesn’t have a GPS. Therefore, the accuracy of your own location is determined by what percentage of wireless networks there are around you.
You can also view your friends’ check-ins on a map using the Nearby system, leaving a comment if you want. This way, you will be able to quickly check who’s within the same area as you at any time.

Gaming on Facebook Using iPad

Gaming on Facebook has been taken to a brand-new level by enabling you to play your favorite titles in Fullscreen. Making the full experience feel more immersive. And since apps appear within the left-hand bar, they’re never quite a faucet away.

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