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Facebook is known by most people only for its social media features. Facebook has so evolved since its inception such that using it only for social media purposes is barely scratching its surface seeing as lot more can be accomplished on the Facebook site.

One of the facets of the now multi-faceted Facebook is its business capability, integrated into the site as the “Facebook Marketplace”. Just as its name suggests, this feature serves as a platform where items are put up for sale by vendors, and buyers get on the platform, browse through items available for sale, take their pick, and then make a purchase. This is a smart move by Facebook. It leveraged its enormous number of users to make this feature a success.
What’s interesting is that Facebook allows the use of the Marketplace feature for free. That is, people who put up items for sale pay no commission of any sort on the sales they make. They also pay absolutely nothing to be allowed on the platform to do business. Buyers on the other hand are not charged for getting on the platform to make purchases. This almost makes Facebook Marketplace the perfect e-commerce platform.
So many Facebook users have taken advantage of the Marketplace service, offering different varieties of products, such that it’s almost impossible not to find whatever item buyers may be in the market for.
Given how much the world has revolved, leaning more towards the net, more and more services are being provided online. As a result, Facebook Marketplace is not the only online shopping service out there. In fact, Facebook came late to the party. There are lots of online shopping sites that were established a long time before Facebook joined the bandwagon. However, Facebook still manages to retain some level of uniqueness. For one, its services are for free, unlike the other sites. There’s more, which you will find out as you go through this post.

How to Find the Facebook Marketplace

First of all, the Marketplace is not a separate app from Facebook. It is baked right into Facebook, so if you have a Facebook account, then the Marketplace is at your reach.
To access the Marketplace, follow the steps below;

  • Log on to your Facebook account.
  • On your home page, you’ll notice a storefront icon on the top right corner. That’s the Facebook Marketplace. Tap on it to begin.

Facebook Marketplace Buy and Sell

In the Marketplace, items available for sale are well arranged to enable users browse through and make purchases with as little fuss as possible. These items are being put up by the sellers.
The sellers have to upload images for every item they offer for sale, together with the price and description, to guide buyers in their decision. Buyers peruse items and easily know exactly what utility or level of utility they can derive from them. If they like an item, they reach out to the seller, negotiate on the pricing and then make a purchase.
Of course for services like the Facebook Marketplace, there are always policies to follow, to keep transactions running smoothly and prevent fraudulent activities, and Facebook have theirs. Both sellers and buyers are to adhere to these policies if they are to enjoy the services offered by this feature.

How to Buy and Sell on Facebook Marketplace

To sell:

  • Click on the Marketplace (store front) icon.
  • Select the “Selling” option.
  • Enter the required details for the item you wish to sell and click on photo to add an image of the item. Click “Post” when done.

Your item will be put up for buyers to see.

To buy:

  • Click on the Marketplace (store front) icon.
  • Browse through the available items and choose an item or items which best suit your needs.
  • Click on “Ask for details” to reach the seller and ask for more information about the item if need be.

Buyers and sellers can actually negotiate and meet face to face to make payments and transfer custody of items.

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