How to Know Who is Visiting My Facebook Profile Recently

How to Know Who Visited My Facebook Profile Recently – Did you know that in fact, we could see anyone who sees or view our Facebook profile? In other to answer the question: How To Know Who Visited My Facebook Profile Recently?. Yes, there are a few tips on how we can know anyone who views or stalk our Facebook profile.
Facebook is indeed not a new social networking site. Facebook has been around for many years ago. But until now the social networking site that has the same colors “Blue” still exists.
This can happen because Facebook users are already very much. Even Facebook’s user growth is also still showing progress. That means Facebook still favored users to now. Facebook users not only youth but kids to adults also have started using these social networking sites for some purposes. Starting from just chat, until to the needs of the business.
Speaking of social networking sites including Facebook, definitely, a lot of Facebook users often want to know with other users. For example, close friends or family. Therefore the user sees another user’s profile to view updated information about anything done by the Facebook friends.
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How to Know Who Visited My Facebook Profile Recently

1. How to Know Who Visited Your Facebook Profile Without Any App or Software

  • If your Facebook profile is already open, please right-click and then select and click View page source.

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how to know who visited my facebook profile recently
  • Next, search for the word “InitialChatFriendsList“, that quickly, use CTRL + F. Then enter the word “InitialChatFriendsList” in the search column.
how to know who visited my facebook profile not in friends list
  • Then you will see a lot of ID visible. Please select the ID you want to know the person who often sees your Facebook profile.


  • After that copy the ID that you choose and paste it into the address bar after ttps:// So like this, just look at the example image below.


profile visitors for facebook
  • If it appears the writing “Sorry, this page isn’t available” Please remove-2. So it would be


  • It will pop up a Facebook profile of that person. Now you know who is often viewed your Facebook profile.


2. How to Know Who Visited Your Facebook Profile App

  • First, log in with your Facebook account.
  • Then will appear like this:
who viewed my facebook profile app
  • Then select the category/menu of your choice. Wait until the search process is completed (see picture below)


who viewed my facebook profile app for android
  • Well, after the search process is complete, you will know anyone who has ever seen your Facebook profile. The top order was frequently visiting your Facebook profile (see image below). Next to the end, click the button [SKIP!].


is there a real way to see who views your profile on facebook
Now with two of the tutorial above about how to see who viewed your Facebook profile, you can already know who visited your Facebook profile recently. Hopefully, this tutorial can answer your curiosity.
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