How to make a Facebook Avatar, the social media platform’s version of personalized cartoon emojis

Facebook Avatar India – Create My Facebook Avatar Free | Facebook Avatar Maker 2020

The Facebook avatar India is what has been trending for a while now. Therefore, after the lunch of the free avatar feature on Facebook in America and other places. However, there have been expectation of it in Asian and here it is. Now Facebook users now have the feature in Asian and they can now create their Facebook avatar on their Facebook account.

Facebook Avatar Asia - Create My Facebook Avatar Free | Facebook Avatar Maker 2020
Facebook Avatar Asia – Create My Facebook Avatar Free | Facebook Avatar Maker 2020

Facebook Avatar Maker 2020

The Facebook avatar Maker 2020 helps users to create and as well customize their avatar to look just like you. However, the process is very easy and which ever way you want to create your avatar it is practically up to you. More so, the Facebook avatar creator is as same as the Facebook avatar maker so you should not be confused when seeing me mentioning any of the word.

How to Use Facebook Avatar

You can easily make use of your Facebook avatar in the comment section and as smiley too. More so, you can as well use it as your profile picture if you wish. This is what you might have been seeing from some of your friends on Facebook using on their account.
Furthermore, you can as well send them to any of your Facebook friends while on the platform. Most interestingly, you can still use your Facebook avatar picture online on any other platform.

Facebook Avatar Asia

The Facebook avatar app enables Facebook users to customize their avatar to accurately look like you in real life. Users get to choose their skin tone,  their body shape, dress up in casual or in diverse traditional attire and style their head scarfs and accessories anyhow they want it.
The new avatar feature is similar to Snapchat Bitmoji feature, and you can use your Facebook avatar in your Facebook Messenger app.  Also, you can use it on comments and even Facebook stories as well . Therefore, you can express yourself in a variety of ways using your avatar, which means users can usually do other things than the usual like, love, laugh, cry or angry emoji reactions.
You can also customize your avatar, from hairstyles to other amazing wear outfits and more. However, your avatar does not have to look like you, either, so you can create whatever you have in your mind.

How to Create Facebook Avatar

Creating an Avatar on your Facebook account is easy. Therefore, there is a requirement to update your Facebook account if you do not have the avatar feature. However, updating your Facebook app via the Google Play Store or iOS App Store is emanate in other to create your Facebook avatar.

  • First go down to the Google Play Store or iOS App Store to update the Facebook app.
  • The next phase is to open the Facebook app after installing it.
  • Hit on the three-horizontal icon on your homepage.
  • Then click on the Avatar feature, if you do not see the feature then you can click on See More and select Avatar.
  • After which select your Facial shape.
  • Choose a skin tone and eye color and lashes.
  • customize your avatar nose and mouth to fit the face.
  • Also, pick a body shape and dress attire as well.
  • Then you are through with how you want your avatar to look like click on done.

When on the process of creating your avatar, Facebook will give your the right tools and tips you need to follow in other to make your own avatar. Once you are through, you can share your avatar photo on your Facebook news feed. More so, you can as well set it up as your profile photo on Facebook, use as a comment, online and lots more.

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